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Getting ready for a big trip abroad can be exciting any time of the year, but also extremely stressful, especially if you are traveling with children. What should you pack? How far in advance should you book hotels? These are some of the common questions that people ask themselves before departing on a trip out of the country. One big question that every traveler should also be asking themselves is “Which travel vaccinations should I get?” Getting your vaccinations for traveling in advance is the best way to protect yourself from any viruses or infections that you could possibly pick up while traveling in another country. Yellow fever vaccinations are one of the most common travel vaccinations that people get if they are traveling to a yellow fever endemic area outside of the country. Your doctor will likely let you know if the area that you are going to requires the shot, and when you should get it.

While researching which shots to get can be easy online, actually receiving the shot can be more of stressful activity. Making an appointment months in advance can be a headache, and many clinics and primary care providers require an appointment. But at AFC Urgent Care in Easley, SC our medical team knows how busy your schedule is and how troublesome it can be to schedule an appointment in advance. That is why our urgent care clinic offers the yellow fever vaccination for patients throughout the week during flexible hours. Our doctors have many years of experience providing travel vaccinations, and have the answers to all of your questions about vaccinations. They are Board Certified and can provide a large variety of other vaccinations as well for every family member.

Our medical team often receives many questions about the yellow fever vaccination. Here are some of the common ones that we hear from patients, and some answers:

Is yellow fever vaccination required for me to travel abroad?

Some countries legally require the yellow fever vaccination for you to enter the country, so this should be researched in advance. In addition, the yellow fever vaccination is not required for traveling anywhere abroad, it is only in some countries where yellow fever is present. Talk to your physician about the requirements before getting a vaccination.

Are there any side effects of the yellow fever vaccination?

Side effects are very minor, and can include headaches or body aches. But for most people, there are no side effects, although allergic reactions are possible.

Who should get the yellow fever vaccination?

The yellow fever vaccination is offered to any patient over the age of 9 months. Some people, depending on age, can be more susceptible to negative reactions from the vaccination, so always consult a doctor before getting a new vaccination.

If you have any additional questions about the yellow fever vaccination or would like to receive one at AFC Urgent Care Easley today, we welcome you to walk in today or give us a call. We look forward to helping you with your vaccination needs soon!